Top 10 Things To Look Out For When Hiring A Cleaning Company For Your Business

Cleaning is a necessary part of most jobs. Whether it’s your home or your work place, people are going to have to clean something on a regular basis.

It is very common for people to do their own cleaning in their personal life. It is more common for people to have staff or hire outside help to clean in their professional life.

Businesses of all sizes use cleaning companies. They range from small one-person operations all the way up to large corporations with hundreds of employees and multiple buildings to maintain. Due to this, there is a large market of companies that provide cleaning services.

If you are someone that has a business and needs cleaning services, then you should be aware of a few things when hiring a cleaning company.

Does the company use green products?

Top 10 Things To Look Out For When Hiring A Cleaning Company for your business

While this may seem like a small thing, the cleaning products a company uses can say a lot about their ethics. Many companies now manufacture eco-friendly solutions that work just as well as traditional cleaners.

In fact, some even claim to be more powerful!

If a company does not use environmentally friendly products, then you should ask why. Is it because they are cheaper or because the company does not believe in green products? Either way, this is something you should be concerned about.

Many companies now advertise themselves as “green” or “eco-friendly” and may even be completely legitimate, but you should still check their claims. Some may use less harmful chemicals but have lower protection against germs and bacteria.

Either way, having green products in your office is better for your health and the environment.

What is the cleaning process?

Top 10 Things To Look Out For When Hiring A Cleaning Company for your business

A cleaning process is the order in which a cleaning company performs tasks to clean an area. A typical cleaning process includes scouting the area to be cleaned, gathering supplies, preparing areas for cleaning, conducting separate cleanings for each area, and evaluating the finished area.

Scouting the area to be cleaned is a crucial part of the cleaning process. This includes assessing the size of the area and determining what type of soil or debris may be present.

Gathering supplies depends on what kind of cleaning needs to be done. If there is a specific type of dirt or contamination that requires special materials to remove, then your company should invest in those materials.

Prepping areas for cleaning depends on the type of area and what needs to be done prior to sweeping up or wiping down. For example, if an area has dust stuck onto surfaces, then first having a sweep-and-vac before doing any wet cleaning removes that dust effectively.

Are employees paid well?

Top 10 Things To Look Out For When Hiring A Cleaning Company for your business

Pay is one of the biggest indicators of a company’s ethics. If a company pays its employees poorly, cuts their pay or fires them without just cause, then you should be wary.

If a company has low employee morale, then that could mean that employees are not happy with the way they are treated or compensated. This could lead to neglect of duties or even theft due to dissatisfaction with pay.

Companies that offer benefits and decent pay will retain competent employees who are invested in the job. Find out what the average wage is in your area and whether or they offer benefits to determine if they are paying fair wages.

If you find a company that offers below average wages but has no history of discrimination or employment law suits, then it may be a good fit for your business.

What are my specific cleaning needs?

Top 10 Things To Look Out For When Hiring A Cleaning Company for your business

Before you go to the next point, you should know that there are two types of cleaning companies. Companies that offer general cleaning and specialized cleaning companies.

General cleaning companies can clean all areas of your business. They can wash walls, floors, desks, computers, etc. They can also clean bathrooms and kitchens.

Specialized cleaning companies only specialize in one area. For example, they can only clean bathrooms or they only clean floors. It is important to know what areas of your business need attention to save money and get poor quality service elsewhere.

General cleaners are usually cheaper due to their ability to take on many tasks. Specialized cleaners may cost more due to the investiture of equipment needed to fulfill the task. Check for both qualities when choosing which type of cleaner for your business.

Will the company provide all equipment needed for cleaning?

Top 10 Things To Look Out For When Hiring A Cleaning Company for your business

Many companies will ask you to supply them with cleaning supplies. While this is not a bad thing, you should be aware that by doing so, the company is putting some responsibility on you.

They will expect you to have adequate supplies for them to efficiently clean. If they do not have adequate supplies provided by you, then they will have to go out and buy them which may take away from their time actually cleaning.

Some companies may not ask for supplies but only equipment. If the company only needs equipment then that is okay! Make sure the equipment is quality and works well though.

Some of the most important things in cleaning are machinery like vacuums and dusters. A good quality vacuum will suck up all of the dirt and grime leaving your workplace clean.

Do they offer any special deals?

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Many cleaning companies offer special deals to convince you to hire them. These can range from giving you a discounted price for the first visit, giving you a free carpet or furniture cleaning with a floor cleaning, or offering a two-visit package at a reduced price.

This is an important thing to look out for because it shows they are confident in their work. If they needed to offer discounts often then they would not be making enough money to stay in business.

When you find a company that offers no specials then you can ask if they have had to offer any discounts in the past.

How reliable is their service?

Reliability is a must-have quality in any cleaning service you hire. You want to make sure that they are coming on schedule every week or whenever you schedule them.

Many people leave this important detail to the lower-level staff which can be a big mistake. Anyone can book appointments but only the lead booker can schedule recurring appointments.

This is one of the biggest tests of their reliability as a member of their team. If they do not have this quality, your building may never get the same level of clean each time.

Plus, if they cannot book appointments correctly, then your building may not get any cleaning at all. It is important to check their record and see how many no-shows they have had and why.

Are there any hidden fees?

Top 10 Things To Look Out For When Hiring A Cleaning Company for your business

Unfortunately, some cleaning companies will include hidden fees in their pricing. They may include charges for travel time to your business, extra time spent on your building or property, cleaning supplies, and more.

Make sure to ask about all fees included in the quote you receive. If you are given a comprehensive quote with no hidden fees, then you know you are being charged fairly.

Unfortunately, some companies may not disclose these fees because they are not part of their compensation. It is up to you as the client to ask about them so you do not get an surprise bill at the end.

Check for reviews and referrals! Having other businesses or people refer you to a cleaning service is a great way to find a quality company. You can also check for any reviews on the companies online or via google search.

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