Office High Touch Point Areas And Why You Need Professional Help To Clean

The average professional office has a few high-touch areas that need to be kept clean. These areas include the water cooler, the coffee machine, the desk surfaces, and the bathrooms.

Keeping these areas clean is important to maintain a healthy work environment. Frequently cleaning these spots will show your employees and guests that you are aware of health concerns and take them seriously.

While most people understand the importance of cleaning the desk surfaces and bathrooms, not many know about the importance of keeping the water cooler and coffee machine clean.

The water cooler is a source of drinking water for employees. If this device is not cleaned regularly, then bacteria can grow in it. This can then make people sick when they drink from it.

The same goes for the coffee machine- if it is not cleaned regularly, bacterial growth will occur which can make people sick when they drink it.

Hands on cleaning

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A hidden danger of working in an office environment is the endless opportunities to come into contact with germs.

Offices are full of what experts call high touch points– places where people come into casual contact with objects and other people.

These include desk surfaces, floor areas, bathrooms, and especially printers and photocopiers.

Because many people use these equipment every day, it takes a professional cleaning service several attempts to completely remove all the bacteria that accumulate.

And since you probably don’t have access to professional cleaning services, it’s up to you to do your part to keep the spread of germs under control.

Dr Elizabeth Rice is a senior lecturer in human resource management at the University of Derby and an expert on organizational hygiene. She gave her thoughts on how to reduce the risk of illness as a result of low levels of organizational hygiene in an interview with BBC News.

Professional office cleaning

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Apart from the toilets and kitchen, the rest of the office area is where the hard work happens.

Or at least where the working happens. The rest of the office area is where people relax, chat, eat, and drink.

That’s why there’s a need to have a professional office cleaning team come in and clean all of the areas that need it. Even if you’re a professional cleaner, you might not know how to get rid of some stains.

Professional cleaners have access to different products that are more effective than what most people have in their homes. These can help get rid of even the toughest stains!

Even if you don’t have any stains, having an hourly or daily cleaning service can be helpful. This way, they can do some light cleaning before the professionals come in to do their full thorough job.

Touchpoint cleaning

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Touchpoints are areas of the office where people typically interact with each other and the environment. These areas include desks, chairs, computer keyboards and mouses, phones, and printer and paper baskets.

Since there are so many touchpoints in the office, it is important to know which ones require professional cleaning help.

Professional cleaners have the training needed to fully disinfect all surfaces, including those found on desktops and in drawers. Since most people do not have this type of equipment or knowledge, they need to go to a professional to get it done.

This is especially important due to the rise of infectious diseases. Having a professional cleaner come in periodically to thoroughly clean your office can help prevent the spread of these viruses.

Benefits of having a professional office cleaner

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Having a professional office cleaner comes with its own set of benefits. For one, they can complete more tasks than you can in the same amount of time.

Professional cleaners have years of experience and know which shortcuts to take to get the job done quickly. They know which tasks take the most time and effort and how to avoid them while still doing a good job.

They are also very efficient so you do not have to worry about them being too slow. Moreover, they know how to properly clean different surfaces so that your office is hygienic at all times.

Another benefit of having a professional cleaner is that they can handle heavy cleaning tasks better than you can. Have you tried lifting a heavy carpet before? It is hard work!

Having a professional carpet cleaner come in can help restore your office back to pre-fire conditions quickly.

Hours of operation

Office High Touch Point Areas and why you need professional help to clean

While cleaning professionals can work around the clock, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week is the ideal time frame for a good cleaning professional.

Many professionals work Monday through Thursday from 8 AM to 4 PM. Some even have shorter hours, like 8 AM to 1 PM, due to fewer buildings to clean and fewer floors per building.

Some companies have their cleaners work rotating shifts so that they have time off in between shifts. This is helpful if the cleaner has another job or needs time off.

Friday is typically a day off for most people, so cleaners typically work only four days per week. Some people do not take this into account when hiring a professional cleaner.

A common mistake people make is hiring a cleaner on only one day of the week which does not provide enough time to fully clean the office.

Cleaning methods for high touch point areas

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Now that you know the importance of cleaning your high touch points, let’s talk about how you’re going to do it.

Professional office cleaning services have a few secrets when it comes to keeping offices clean and disinfected. Many of them use the same methods, so we gathered some for you!

Start with the obvious: trash cans. Most professional cleaners start off by emptying the trash and giving the can a quick wipe down. If the can is plastic, they may even throw in a few drops of disinfectant to prevent mold and mildew.

Next, they dust any shelves or cabinets and brush down any surfaces. This helps get rid of some surface debris that would otherwise end up in the trashcan or on top of other things.

Pros of having a professional office cleaner

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Having a professional office cleaner comes with lots of benefits. The first one is that it frees you up to focus on what you do best- your job.

Do not forget that cleaning is a job too! Professional cleaners have all the tools and knowhow to get the job done effectively.

You can devote all your attention to working on projects, meeting with clients, or taking care of other things that need your attention.

Another benefit is that it helps you save time. Because professionals know what to use to get rid of germs and bacteria, they can do this faster than you can.

They will also know how to best clean specific areas like desktops, chairs, and computers due to their experience and expertise. This will also help get rid of germs and bacteria more effectively.

Lastly, having an expert cleaner comes with peace of mind.

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