What We Learned Being In The Commercial Cleaning Business For 20 Years

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In the fast-paced world of commercial cleaning, turnover is a common challenge. However, at All Ways Clean, we break the mold by ensuring our employees understand the industry standards for fair compensation and the true demands of the job. By equipping our team with comprehensive knowledge from the start, we create a solid foundation that saves them from future headaches and fosters long-term commitment.

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Aspiring commercial cleaners and industry professionals can count on All Ways Clean to provide the fundamental knowledge necessary for success. We empower individuals to start their journey from the bottom rung, knowing that a solid grasp of the basics paves the way for a rewarding and enduring career.

Here are some of the things we learned being in the cleaning industry for 20 years.

The importance of consistent cleaning procedures

What we learned being in the commercial cleaning business for 20 years

Let’s talk about how you can use this knowledge in your day-to-day responsibilities.

The key to being a great cleaner is learning how to organize and execute consistent cleaning procedures. A procedure is a set of organized steps that are followed in a specific order to achieve a particular result.

As mentioned before, as professional cleaning company with years and even decades of experience with these procedures. You can pick our brains about them if you want to learn more!

The need for professional commercial cleaning services

What we learned being in the commercial cleaning business for 20 years

The need for professional cleaners will never go away, and the industry will always grow.

With the growing awareness of environmental concerns, the presence of commercial cleaning companies will only increase. More businesses will be conscious of their environmental impact and pay for services to mitigate that impact.

The growth of AI and robotics will also increase the need for professional cleaners. As machines take over some tasks in industries like manufacturing, there will be more clean up work that needs to be done.

But as you read here, there is a lot of potential to grow in this industry.

Understanding the nature of dirt

What we learned being in the commercial cleaning business for 20 years

As mentioned before, the type of dirt you come into contact with as a commercial cleaner can be very diverse.

Some of the places you may need to clean include bathrooms and toilet areas, kitchen and dining room areas, desks and computer areas, trash and recycling areas, and last but not least, hallways and lobbies.

It is important to understand the nature of each area of dirt. For example, how much dust or food particles there may be in the different types of dirt.

How to best remove these particles depending on their texture and density. Also how to handle situations where there may be heavy mold or germs present- how to protect yourself from that!

Learn more about these things and how to combat them for your own safety.

How to prevent dirt from becoming ingrained

What we learned being in the commercial cleaning business for 20 years

The biggest part of commercial cleaning is ensuring that dirt and grime does not become ingrained in the surfaces you are cleaning.

Many professionals in the industry use a two-step process to do this. The first step is to scrub the surface clean. The second step is to leave a protective layer on the surface to prevent further dirt and grime from becoming ingrained.

Some commonly used products for the second step are disinfectants, protective coatings, and carpet fresheners. Disinfectants can be used to spray surfaces like toilets and counters, protective coatings can be applied to floors or floor tiles, and carpet fresheners can be used in large open areas like warehouses or factories.

The importance of using the right tools for the job

What we learned being in the commercial cleaning business for 20 years

Having the right tools for the job will make your work easier and more efficient. Commercial cleaning equipment is no different!

There are many specialized tools now that make the job easier. For example, there are machines that can vacuum several rooms at once, mop machines that can wash and dry a floor quickly, and robots that can clean many areas simultaneously.

Some of these require electricity, while others use water or dusting cloths to remove messes. Some even have smart technology that helps them navigate areas to get the best clean.

The value of regular maintenance schedules

What we learned being in the commercial cleaning business for 20 years

One of the biggest advantages of being in the commercial cleaning business is that many businesses and corporations require maintenance and upkeep of their buildings and properties.

Companies have to spend money to keep their buildings looking good, and here comes the help of All Ways Clean.

We offer monthly inspections and maintenance schedules to companies that hires us for regular cleaning. This way, if any issues arise with the building or property (such as dust buildup or odor problems), our team can address them before they become big problems.

The importance of hiring experienced specialists for tough jobs

What we learned being in the commercial cleaning business for 20 years

The commercial cleaning industry is filled with pitfalls for inexperienced cleaners. One of the biggest issues new cleaners encounter is trying to clean jobs that are beyond their capabilities.

Many start off by trying to clean offices, then move onto office towers, then buildings, and so on until they reach other special projects, which most companies do not handle.

Hiring specialists for specific types of floors, such as hiring floor waxers for just floors and carpet cleaners for just carpets, is a good way to reduce mishaps and keep customers coming back.

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