All Ways Clean specializes in cleaning medical facilities servicing surgery centers, medical clinics, kidney centers, pathology centers, laboratories, dental offices, etc. Employees are thoroughly trained in all aspects of the clinical environment including terminal cleaning, cross contamination reduction, infection control, blood borne pathogens, HIPAA, proper chemical applications, PPE’s, best practice procedures, etc.  All Ways Clean has years of experience working with Joint Commission accreditations for their clients.  A portfolio of these accounts takes proven results to achieve.

We are preparing for our grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony tonight. And as I stood outside looking at building A I remembered all that we have gone through during the construction.  I want to thank All Ways Clean and each of you along with your awesome crews for all the hard work helping us through all the construction phases and move-ins, special clean ups and setting up a new surgery center. I am very grateful to have you on my team, You did whatever it took to get the job done and is much appreciated. Thank you
John Stampe
Sansum Medical Clinic
Environmental Services Manager

Photos courtesy of our client Sansum Medical Clinic, Santa Barbara