About Us

Company History
Trevor Smith and David Hergenroeder founded All Ways Clean in 1999 cleaning several business offices in San Luis Obispo.  Passionate for All Ways Clean Trevor and David worked in the evenings for several years while maintaining their day jobs until going full time for AWC.  In 2005 Ino Brito was made partner due to an exemplary performance managing several large contracts. All Ways Clean specializes in servicing Health Care Facilities, Schools and large Commercial Buildings currently employing over 160 employees.

Prior to working for All Ways Clean Trevor Smith (CFO) worked on the Pacific Stock Exchange for several years before becoming Service Manager at Mission Linen Supply in 1999.  David Hergenroeder(CEO) was General Manager at Mission Linen Supply for over 10 yearsand Ino Brito (COO) was Production Manager at Native Trails for over 5 years.

Policies & Procedures
All Ways Clean employs strict and thorough HR and Safety policies that were modeled from several Fortune 500 companies whom we have serviced (Chevron, Nestle, Lockeed Martin).  All Ways Clean developed detailed procedures in cleaning applications used in the Medical Industry and has worked closely with the Joint Commission accreditation process for hospitals, surgery centers and clinics.  Employees are trained in Proper Chemical Handling (MSDS), Bloodborne Pathogens, Infection Control, Cross Contamination, Terminal Cleanings, etc.

Quality Control
All employees are subject to a rigorous training course prior to commencing work.  Thereafter they undergo Supervisory Site Specific Training.  Every site is assigned a Quality Control Supervisor who conducts required scheduled and random site evaluations utilizing internal forms (QC Long Form, QC Short Form, Customer Complaint Form, etc.).  QC Supervisors are required to attend formal weekly Owner’s Meetings.  All QC Supervisors file reports with our CRM Coordinator who tracks and monitors every issue.  These items are not closed until both the customer and owners deem it has been resolved.  All issues and correspondence is stored electronically for future reference.  

Partial Client List
All Ways Clean has a proven track record in servicing & maintaining large clients and would make a great partner providing consistent high quality cleaning. Contact us for a free estimate today.

Mission College Preparatory School (10 years)
Dignity Health (French, Arroyo Grande and Marian Hospitals & Clinics - 7 years)
Central Coast Pathologist (8 years)
Sansum Medical Clinics (7 years)
San Luis Obispo County (6 years)
Cayucos Elementary School (5 years)
Sierra Vista Hospital (7 years)
Cannon Associates (14 years)
Madonna Enterprises (10 years)

All Ways Clean Support Team
David Hergenroeder Owner / CEO
Trevor Smith Owner / CFO
Ino Brito Owner / COO
Liz Landin CRM (805) 225-1580